New report highlights the impact of precarious work on post-secondary sector

UNBC is no different than other post secondary educators in Canada. We have seen a huge increase in positions not being posted as full time permanent and rather as terms, which then get extended up to the maximum allowed under the collective agreement. We are also seeing positions posted only for a limited time frame, even though we know the work is needed to be done year round. Who is ending up doing the work ? Typically an exempt manager under the table. Why pay so much for all of these managers ( more and more being added monthly ) when the work can easily be done by a CUPE member ? There is no budget crunch at UNBC rather a use of the funds to create an empire, that doesn’t actually do anything to support students or deliver services to them.

Precarious work deeply impacts people’s lives, health and well-being, and ultimately, their communities. That’s the number one thing CUPE heard in a series of town halls on precarious work in the post-secondary sector held earlier this year.

In a new report, CUPE outlines the key lessons we heard from our members and our allies. These include important distinctions about what precarious work looks like on campuses today, such as the reality that precarious work is not just about filling temporary vacancies or short-term roles: some temporary employees have been in their positions for years and have even risen to the rank of supervisor or department chair.

Furthermore, our report reveals, more schools are using students for labour without offering adequate wages or protection. In particular, reliance on undergraduates to provide academic and support work is growing.

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Brock University food service workers ratify new collective agreement with Sodexo

Agreement includes improvements to wages and scheduling long sought by CUPE 1295

Food service workers at Brock University, members of Local 1295 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 1295), yesterday ratified a new three-year collective agreement with their employer, Sodexo.

“It wasn’t easy and there were certainly some difficult moments along the way but our members demonstrated that you can make gains by standing together and working collectively,” said Shane Jenkins, President of CUPE 1295.

Yesterday’s ratification vote came on the heels of an intensive bargaining session late last week.

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CUPE 4163 UVic needs our assistance !

Sending this out at the request of a fellow University CUPE Local struggling to get a contract signed. Please give it a read and if you agree, please sign the petition which will go to the President of the University of Victoria, Jamie Cassels.

In solidarity,

Caroline President CUPE Local 3799

CUPE 4163 needs your help. We are the union that represents Teaching Assistants, Lab Assistants, Computer Lab Techs, Language Teachers, Cultural Assistants and Residence Life workers at UVic. A few weeks ago our members voted 86.5% in favour of going on strike to improve working conditions and defend public education. Since that vote UVic Admin has changed their tone and made a few minor concessions, but we are concerned that without stepping up the pressure we will not reach a settlement this term. Click here: to sign a petition requesting that UVic to cut us a fair deal. Our specific proposals need to be confidential, but what I can tell you is that UVic is trying to bully us into signing a ten year contract. That’s right, ten years! The fact that they would even suggest that indicates that they don’t take our union seriously and don’t realize how much support we have from our allies. One of our best tools right now is to make sure UVic understands that we are demanding a fair deal for our members and acting in support of public education. You can help us deliver this message by emailing our President? Click on the link above to email President Jamie Cassels and tell him that you support CUPE 4163. Our union doesn’t want to go on strike, but UVic is forcing our hand by demanding a ten year contract term and refusing some very reasonable demands. We are asking for protection from academic harm for members who speak out about labour issues, an anti-bullying clause, a transparent process for TA hiring, adequate workspace for all of our members and reasonable allowances for bereavement leave. Most of our members will have graduated by the time the deal takes effect so we really are doing this for future generations of students. Accessible, high quality post-secondary education is crucial for building stronger communities so please take a minute and lend us your support. In solidarity, Gordon O’Connor Comp 1 Vice President

Bargaining resumes tomorrow between CUPE 926 and Wilfrid Laurier University

Custodial workers’ union prepared to negotiate “as long as it takes … but we need a willing partner at the bargaining table,” says CUPE 926 President Allan Savard.

Bargaining will resume tomorrow between Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) and the union representing custodial, groundskeeping and trades workers on campus.

Representatives of Local 926 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 926) are prepared to work for “as long as it takes to achieve a fair settlement, but we need a willing partner at the bargaining table,” said Allan Savard, President of CUPE 926.

The members of Local 926 have been trying for months to negotiate a fair collective agreement with WLU. This work has been severely constrained by WLU management’s insistence that the union accept a contract that effectively gives them ‘carte blanche’ to contract out virtually any job on campus.

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