CUPE Standing Committees

  • Grievance. 

Committee shall process all grievances not settled at the initial stages. Contact: Joyce Henley
  • OHS & Environment. The committee shall meet monthly and consider all suggestions received from the membership for the prevention of accidents and improvements of the working environment. Deb Schweder with Helen Lapp and Joyce Henley.

CUPE Special Ad Hoc Committees

  • Bargaining Committee. This shall be a special ad hoc committee established at least 6 months prior to the expiry of the Local’s CA and automatically disbanded when a new CA has been ratified.
  • Bargaining Information Committee (BIG). Current mandate is to research information for the Bargaining Committee and disseminate information to the members-at-large, as requested by the Bargaining Committee.
  • Pension Information Committee (PIC). Mandate to provide information to the members on the different types of pensions. At this time the PIC has stood down.

CUPE Regular Committees

  • Stewards. Contact  Joyce Henley or any of the stewards. Act as a liaison between the Executive Board and the membership, deal with complaints and process grievances.
  • Communication.
  • Orientation. Contact:  .The Shop Stewards and other members shall assist with new employee orientation.
  • Education. Contact: Dale Laluk
  • Political Action : Vacant
  • Social : Vacant
  • Strong Communities : Vacant
  • Women’s : Vacant
  • Aboriginal Advocacy. Contact: Vacant
  • Job Evaluation Committee or
  • Labour Management Committee ( Consists of President, VP and Chief Shop Steward as defined in the collective agreement )
  • Pension Committee. The Union shall be entitled to name a Trustee (who shall be a member of the plan) to sit on the Pension Board. Catherine King
  • Senate Committee on University Budget (SCUB). John Orlowsky
  • Employee Recognition Committee. Deb Nielsen